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Shipping & Delivery

Where we ship

GymNext currently ships to locations in Canada and the USA using Amazon fulfillment services. See below for more details.

How long it takes to ship

Shipment times are a combination of the time it takes to fulfill an order plus the time it takes to ship it to its final destination.

Fulfillment of orders typically occurs within 1-2 business days of an order being placed.

Once an order is fulfilled and received by the shipping provider, these are the estimated times for shipping:
Standard shipping will take 4-6 business days in Canada and the US.
Expedited shipping will typically take 2 business days shipping in Canada and the US.
Priority shipping will typically take 1 business day shipping in Canada and the US.

Please note these estimates do not apply to shipments to AK or HI. Adverse weather conditions or overloaded networks can also delay fulfillment and/or shipping.
We cannot guarantee how long shipments will take and do our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Cost of shipping

Shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada is FREE!

Can you ship outside of Canada or US?

We currently don't ship outside of Canada and USA, but you can use a service like that will allow you to ship to an American address and then forward to your final destination. Because our timers ship free in the US, you only pay the shipping to your final location.

If you decide to look into it as a possibility, then the dimensions of the box the Gym Edition ships in is 26"x10"x5" and weighs 8lbs and the Home Edition ships in a 16"x10"x5" box and weighs 4lbs.

Please note that your shipment may be placed into a larger containing box by our distributor. However, services like shipito will unpack the box for you prior to shipping to your final destination.

The power supply for our timers support multiple regions. It has North American prongs though, so a simple adapter will be required, but not a voltage converter.

Support and Customer Service

Need help tracking your order? Contact us at